Frida Kahlo left [1907-1954] with Fulang Chang her spider monkey
Chavela Vargas [1919-2012]

Frida Kahlo was a beautiful Mexican painter, an iconic figure in Mexico, she was known for many of her self portraits. Her work was inspired by her life, her lifelong physical pain due to an accident in her youth, her distress caused by her volatile marriage to famous muralist Diego Rivera. Her work was not only subjective, it referred to life and death, birth and termination, male and female, Mexican and European. Her love life was turbulent, she had affairs with both men and women. One of her lover Chavela Vargas was Costa Rican born Mexican singer. Often dressed in men’s clothing she was a powerful, free spirited outsider, she won multiple awards for her songs, My favourite song “La Llorona Anne Lister left [1791-1840 -Ann Walker [1803-1854].